Legendary Glow Rosie Cream
Legendary Glow Rosie Cream
Legendary Glow Rosie Cream
Legendary Glow Rosie Cream
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  • Illuminates - Aromatic rose oil helps your skin’s natural radiance shine.
  • Nourishes - Evening Primrose deeply conditions & nourishes for a long-lasting glow. 
  • Revitalizes - Alpine Rose increases cell vitality while protecting skin from future damage.
  • Balances - Black currant oil boosts your skin health, for a brighter, beautiful skin tone.
  • Plumps - Instantly softens fine lines and wrinkles, locking in moisture.
  • Heals - Neptune kelp infuses the skin with protective enzymes—that soothe, replenish & mattifies the skin.

Help your skin’s beauty blossom, With the power of roses. From the ocean to the flower fields & mountains—each ingredient of our botanical blend was harvested for its natural beauty-enhancing, benefits. Four premium rose essences & rich botanicals combine to create a skin revitalizing, gel to oil formula. It instantly makes your skin feel soft, silky, & supple. While infusing it with the sweet aroma of sun-kissed roses.

Six Degrees Of Beauty-Boosting Power

This powerful floral formula enhances six aspects of your complexion. The luxurious pastel pink, gel to oil formula melts into your skin, sending essential nutrients and antioxidants deep into the skin’s surface. Instantly transforming dull, tired, dry complexion—into soft, luminous, age-defying skin. Gifting your skin the legendary Rosie, matte glow.

With Alpine Rose Stem Cells that work to revitalize your cells and strengthen your skin’s natural barrier. Aromatic Rose Oil helps to reveal your skin’s natural radiance by deeply hydrating while minimizing redness, inflammation, and scarring. Evening Primrose deeply conditions and nourishes, while regulating skin sebum to help maintain an even complexion. Black Current Oil boosts skin health by balancing bacteria, healing skin conditions, and brightening dark spots, also known as reducing fine lines and accelerating wound healing. Neptune Kelp gifts the skin protective enzymes that help soothe, replenish, and mattify the skin. 

Rose hip Seed Oil - is a pressed oil extract, taken from the seeds of the wild rose called Rosa Rubiginosa.
This rose is unique as it has a very high vitamin A, vitamin C and Vitamin E content.

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